Efficient Wheel Tyre Repair Tools - Ensure Smooth Rides




* for cleaning the wheel centering device as well as the attachment area between the wheel and hub

* corrosion between the rim and the wheel hub is removed and torque values can no longer be distorted

* designed working with 1/2" dr. cordless or air impact wrench
* maximum 1,500 rpm
* nylon stripping wheel size: 90 mm (id) x 150 mm (od) x 13 mm (t)
* including 3 pcs of stripping wheel

High-Quality Wheel Tyre Repair Tools
Our high-quality wheel tyre repair tools are specifically designed to ensure efficient and effective repairs. With advanced features and precision craftsmanship, these tools enable professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to perform tyre repairs with confidence. From tyre patching to tread repair, our tools provide the reliability and durability required for maintaining optimal tyre performance.

Ensure Smooth and Safe Rides
Smooth and safe rides are essential for a comfortable driving experience. Our wheel tyre repair tools are engineered to address various tyre issues, including punctures, sidewall damage, and tread wear. By utilizing our tools, you can ensure precise repairs, proper alignment, and optimal performance, resulting in smooth rides and enhanced safety on the road.

Customized OEM and ODM Solutions
In addition to our wide range of wheel tyre repair tools, we offer customized OEM and ODM solutions. Collaborate with our experienced team to develop tailored tools that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need specialized tyre repair tools for unique applications or branded solutions for your business, we can provide customized options to enhance your repair processes. Partner with us to benefit from our reliable and efficient tools, along with our comprehensive OEM and ODM services.

  12 sets
  6.5/7.5 kgs
  1.3 cuft