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* this equipment is the extension of eye, it helps user to visualize the place which cannot be reached by eyesight

* this is a very helpful auxiliary tool for technician to visually check equipment
* camera resolution: 300K pixel
* camera diameter: 8.0 mm
* tube length: 1,000 mmL
* build in 6pcs of LED
* come with USB connector

Streamline Inspection Processes with Cutting-Edge Tools
Improve your inspection processes with our advanced range of inspection tools. From precision measuring devices to specialized inspection equipment, RAYA Enterprise Ltd. offers innovative solutions that enhance accuracy, reliability, and productivity. Our tools are designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal performance for your inspection tasks.

Customizable Inspection Tools for Diverse Applications
We understand that every industry and application has unique inspection requirements. That's why we offer customizable inspection tools tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need tools for quality control, dimensional analysis, or defect detection, we can provide personalized solutions that address your challenges effectively. Our expert team will work closely with you to deliver tools that meet your exact specifications.

Comprehensive Inspection Solutions with OEM and ODM Capabilities
We doesn't just offer off-the-shelf inspection tools; we also provide comprehensive OEM and ODM solutions. With our expertise in customization, we can develop inspection tools that align perfectly with your requirements. Whether you need a specific design, functionality, or branding, our team can deliver tailored solutions that match your vision. Experience the benefits of our customer-centric approach and unlock new possibilities for your inspection processes.

  60 pcs
  14/15 kgs
  2.9 cuft

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