Revive Your Headlights with Our Headlight Repair Tool




* ideal for small dent under 60mm in diameter

* require surface area to grip to

* lift sheet metal with a smooth surface

* operate by closing the two handles together
* durable hi impact nylon body
* quick release handle
* cup dia.: 60 mm /each
* loading capacity: 12 kgs /each

Renew Headlight Brilliance with Our Tool
Is your car's nighttime visibility compromised due to cloudy or faded headlights? Our Headlight Repair Tool is here to renew the brilliance of your headlights. Don't let diminished brightness affect your safety on the road. Our tool is designed to effectively remove oxidation and restore clarity to your headlights, ensuring you have a clear view of the road ahead. Experience safer night driving and give your vehicle a fresh look with our Headlight Repair Tool.

 Easy DIY Headlight Restoration
Tired of spending money on professional headlight restoration services? With our Headlight Repair Tool, you can easily restore your headlights at home with DIY convenience. Our tool is user-friendly and designed for hassle-free operation, allowing you to remove yellowing, oxidation, and scratches from your headlights effortlessly. Enjoy improved visibility and the satisfaction of well-maintained headlights without the need for expensive replacements.

 Custom OEM and ODM Solutions Available
In addition to providing top-notch Headlight Repair Tools, we offer customized OEM and ODM solutions. Whether you're looking to brand our tool with your logo or need a tailor-made solution for your specific requirements, we've got you covered. Our team specializes in creating bespoke products to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to explore our OEM and ODM options and let us help you enhance your brand or address specific market demands.