Enhance Exhaust Repair Efficiency with High-Quality Exhaust Repair Tools



ST-24659A / ST-24659B

* suitable for use on exhaust & tailpipe, and thin wall copper and steel tubing

item no. capacity 1 capacity 2
ST-24659A up to 2.5 mm (thickness) 35 ~ 64 mm (od)
ST-24659B up to 2.5 mm (thickness) 50 ~ 83 mm (od)

* simply hook in pin to desired diameter, tighten chain by turning adjustable handle during cutting process

High-Quality Exhaust Repair Tools for Reliable Maintenance
Our exhaust repair tools are meticulously crafted to deliver reliable maintenance and exceptional durability. From exhaust pipe cutters and flange spreaders to exhaust hangers and clamps, we offer a comprehensive range of products that simplify the exhaust repair process. Count on our tools to ensure efficient exhaust repairs, saving time and effort while maintaining optimal exhaust system performance.

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Simplify your exhaust repair tasks with our professional-grade exhaust repair tools. Engineered to provide accurate diagnostics and efficient repairs, our tools enable you to quickly identify exhaust issues, perform repairs, and restore optimal exhaust functionality. With our reliable tools in hand, you can confidently tackle exhaust repairs, ensuring reliable results and maximizing the performance and efficiency of the exhaust system.

Customizable Solutions for Exhaust Repairs
In addition to our top-notch exhaust repair tools, we offer customizable OEM and ODM solutions to address your specific needs. Our team of experts can collaborate with you to develop tailored tools, equipment, or comprehensive exhaust repair packages to optimize your repair processes. Trust us to provide innovative solutions, including custom-made tools, that enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality in your exhaust repair operations.