Choose the Best Impact Socket for Efficient and Reliable Results


1/2" DR. IMPACT SOCKET- 6PT._8mm ~ 32mm

RS-040080 ~ RS-040320

item no. size (mm) length (mm)
RS-040080 8 38
RS-040090 9 38
RS-040100 10 38
RS-040110 11 38
RS-040120 12 38
RS-040130 13 38
RS-040140 14 38
RS-040150 15 38
RS-040160 16 38
RS-040170 17 38
RS-040180 18 38
RS-040190 19 38
RS-040200 20 38
RS-040210 21 38
RS-040220 22 38
RS-040230 23 38
RS-040240 24 38
RS-040250 25 43
RS-040260 26 43
RS-040270 27 43
RS-040280 28 48
RS-040290 29 48
RS-040300 30 48
RS-040310 31 48
RS-040320 32 48

Superior Quality Impact Socket for Heavy-Duty Tasks
Experience unmatched strength and durability with our superior quality impact socket. Crafted from premium materials, our impact socket is built to withstand the toughest tasks and provide reliable torque delivery. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, our impact socket ensures secure fastening and efficient power transfer, making it an essential tool for professional mechanics and industrial workers.

Precision and Versatility with Our Impact Socket Set
Discover the versatility and precision of our impact socket set. Each socket is designed with precision measurements and a secure grip to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with various fasteners. Our impact socket set offers a comprehensive range of sizes and configurations, allowing you to tackle a wide range of projects with ease. Whether you're working on automotive repairs or construction tasks, our impact socket set provides the reliability and versatility you need.

Customizable Impact Socket Solutions for Your Requirements
In addition to our standard impact socket offerings, we provide customizable OEM and ODM solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Collaborate with our experienced team to develop a personalized impact socket that meets your unique needs. From specialized sizes and configurations to branded options, we offer flexible customization options. Trust us for high-quality impact sockets and personalized OEM and ODM solutions designed to exceed your expectations. Additionally, we provide customizable OEM and ODM solutions to cater to your specific needs.