Achieve exceptional performance with our top-quality impact socket.


3/8" DR. IMPACT SOCKET - 6PT._6mm ~ 22mm

RS-030060 ~ RS-030220

item no. size (mm) length (mm)
RS-030060 6 32
RS-030070 7 32
RS-030080 8 32
RS-030090 9 32
RS-030100 10 32
RS-030110 11 32
RS-030120 12 32
RS-030130 13 32
RS-030140 14 32
RS-030150 15 32
RS-030160 16 32
RS-030170 17 32
RS-030180 18 32
RS-030190 19 32
RS-030200 20 32
RS-030210 21 32
RS-030220 22 32


Enhance Efficiency with our Impact Socket
Boost your work efficiency with our Impact Socket. Engineered for strength and durability, our socket provides a secure and precise fit for fastening tasks. Its advanced design and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance in demanding work environments. Choose our Impact Socket for efficient and reliable fastening solutions.

Durable and Versatile Impact Socket
Our Impact Socket is built to last and designed for versatility. Whether you're working on automotive repairs or industrial applications, our socket offers exceptional strength and adaptability. Its compatibility with various power tools makes it a versatile choice for professionals. Invest in our Impact Socket for reliable and durable performance in all your fastening projects.

Customized Solutions with OEM and ODM Options
In addition to our standard Impact Socket, we offer customized solutions with OEM and ODM capabilities. Our team of experts can collaborate with you to develop tailor-made impact sockets that meet your specific requirements. From customized branding to unique features, we can provide innovative solutions designed exclusively for your company. Partner with us for customized and reliable impact socket solutions, supported by our OEM and ODM expertise.