Ensure Precise Measurements with Our Air Tyre Pressure Gauge




* lever allows easy control of inflation and bleed valve releases excess pressure

* dual head air chuck enables easy inflation of various tire styles, including hard to reach dual wheels

* inner head available for reaching into dually trucks and challenging angles

* jaw function: push type
* hose length: 300 mm
* pressure gauge: 50 mm (dia.)
* max pressure: 120 psi

Achieve Optimal Tyre Pressure with Our Tyre Gauges
Our air tyre pressure gauges are designed to help you achieve optimal tyre pressure for improved safety and performance. With their precise measurements and easy-to-read displays, our gauges ensure accurate readings, allowing you to monitor and adjust tyre pressure accordingly. Whether you're a car enthusiast, a professional mechanic, or a regular driver, our tyre gauges provide the reliability and convenience you need to maintain your tyres in top condition.

Reliable and Durable Air Tyre Pressure Gauges
Our air tyre pressure gauges are built to deliver reliable and durable performance. Crafted with high-quality materials and advanced technology, these gauges offer accurate readings and long-lasting durability. With their ergonomic design and user-friendly features, our tyre gauges ensure easy operation and precise measurements, making tyre maintenance a breeze. Trust the reliability and durability of our gauges to keep your tyres properly inflated and your journeys safe.

Customizable Air Tyre Pressure Gauges for OEM and ODM Solutions
We understand the importance of customized solutions. That's why we offer customizable air tyre pressure gauges as part of our OEM and ODM services. Our experienced team can collaborate with you to develop tailored gauges that meet your specific requirements and specifications. From custom designs to branding options, we provide comprehensive solutions that align with your needs. Experience the accuracy and versatility of our custom air tyre pressure gauges, backed by our expertise in OEM and ODM solutions.

  36 pcs
  15.3/16.3 kgs
  3.09 cuft