Achieve Precision with Our Air Spray Guns for Exceptional Results.




* excellent surface coating performance with fine atomization

* easy maintenance for hassle free operation

* knobs for full adjustment of fluid, pattern, and air pressure controls

* fully adjustable wide fan pattern for versatile spraying

* professional quality spray paint gun for medium to large painting jobs

* suitable for automotive, home, and furniture applications

* type of feed: suction type
* fluid tip size: 1.0 mm (dia.)
* air pressure: 3.5 ~ 5 bar
* fluid inlet: 3/8"
* air consumption: 310 ~ 370 l/min
* capacity of cup: 1,000 c.c.
* optional nozzle size: 0.8-1.4-1.6-1.8 mm (dia.)

Experience Professional Finishes with Our Air Spray Guns
Our air spray guns are designed to help you achieve professional finishes in your painting and coating applications. With their precise atomization and adjustable controls, our spray guns provide optimal coverage and even distribution of paint or coating materials. Whether you're a professional painter, automotive enthusiast, or DIYer, our air spray guns deliver exceptional results, making your projects stand out with a flawless finish.

Versatile and Reliable Air Spray Guns
Trust the versatility and reliability of our air spray guns for a wide range of applications. Our guns are engineered with durable components and advanced technology to ensure consistent performance and long-lasting durability. From automotive refinishing and furniture painting to industrial coatings, our spray guns offer the versatility and precision you need to achieve outstanding results. Experience the reliability and quality craftsmanship of our air spray guns for your painting projects.

Customizable Air Spray Guns for OEM and ODM Solutions
We provide customizable air spray guns as part of our OEM and ODM services. Our experienced team can collaborate with you to develop tailored spray gun solutions that meet your specific requirements and specifications. Whether you need custom designs, branding options, or specialized features, we can deliver personalized solutions for your business. Experience the precision and flexibility of our custom air spray guns, complemented by our commitment to providing exceptional OEM and ODM solutions.

  20 pcs
  17/18 kgs
  3.5 cuft