Premium Air Screw Driver for Precision Engineering Projects


1/4" DR. AIR SCREW DRIVER_5.08~13.00 Nm torque


* composite series

* adjustable torque with auxiliary tools

* variable speed

* improved muffler for low noise

* mechanism: internal adjusting
* bit shank: hex. 6.35 mm
* free speed: 2,100 rpm
* torque range: 5.08 ~ 13.00 Nm
* exhaust: handle system
* net weight: 1.05 kg

High-Performance Air Screw Driver for Precision Assembly
Our high-performance air screw driver is perfect for precision assembly tasks. With advanced features, an ergonomic design, and superior durability, it enables efficient and accurate screw tightening, significantly enhancing your productivity and ensuring reliable performance.

Durable Air Screw Driver for Industrial Applications
Built to withstand demanding industrial applications, our air screw driver offers exceptional durability and reliability. Its rugged construction, combined with powerful performance, makes it the ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks. You can trust our air screwdriver for consistent, long-lasting performance in all your industrial projects, ensuring efficient and reliable results every time.

Customizable Air Screw Driver Solutions for Your Business
In addition to providing high-quality air screw drivers, we also offer customized OEM and ODM solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team can work closely with you to personalize the design and functionality of the air screw driver to align perfectly with your business needs. Partner with us for bespoke tool solutions that drive success in your industry, ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

  10 pcs
  16/17 kgs
  1.2 cuft