Elevate Your Professional Projects with High-Quality Air Screw Drivers


1/4" DR. AIR SCREW DRIVER_5.1~16.4 Nm torque


* adjustable torque with auxiliary tools

* lightweight, compact size is easy to handle

* built in muffler for noise reduction

* mechanism: internal adjusting
* bit shank: hex. 6.35 mm
* free speed: 800 rpm
* torque range: 5.1 ~ 16.4 Nm
* exhaust: rear system
* net weight: 1.24 kg

Boost Productivity with Air Screw Drivers
Are you seeking to enhance productivity within your manufacturing process? Our high-performance air screw drivers are meticulously designed to optimize your operations, enabling faster and more efficient assembly tasks. With their ergonomic design and exceptional power, our air screw drivers empower operators to work with unparalleled precision and accuracy, significantly reducing errors and saving valuable time. Experience heightened productivity and elevated quality with our reliable air screw drivers.

Achieve Precision with Air Screw Drivers
Precision is of utmost importance in any manufacturing process, and our air screw drivers are purposefully engineered to deliver exceptional precision. Equipped with advanced technology and adjustable torque settings, our tools guarantee consistent and precise fastening results. Whether you're handling delicate components or tackling heavy-duty applications, our air screw drivers provide the precise control you require. Trust in our tools to achieve reliable and precise fastening outcomes every time.

Customized OEM and ODM Solutions with Air Screw Drivers
We not only offer top-quality air screw drivers but also provide customized OEM and ODM solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to develop bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your manufacturing needs. From customized tool designs to incorporating specialized features, we are dedicated to delivering high-performance tools that enhance your productivity and efficiency. Experience the benefits of our customer-centric approach and unlock the full potential of our air screw drivers for your operations.

  10 pcs
  13/14 kgs
  0.6 cuft