High-Quality Air Sand Blaster for Efficient Cleaning | Improve Your Work Efficiency Now




* effective in removing rust, paint, graffiti, corrosion, and scale

* compatible with various abrasives such as silica, sand, steel grit, glass beads, and pecan shells

* gravity feed design ensures a consistent flow of blasting material

* ideal for a wide range of applications, including automotive, trucking, farming equipment, and ATVs

* hose length: 450 cm
* sand not included
* sand hopper capacity: 2.20 kg

Achieve Superior Cleaning Results with Our Air Sand Blaster
Our air sand blaster is designed to deliver superior cleaning results for a wide range of applications. With advanced technology and precision engineering, our tools provide efficient and effective cleaning, making your projects easier and more productive. Experience the difference in performance and achieve outstanding results with our high-quality air sand blaster.

Durable and Reliable Air Sand Blasters for Long-lasting Performance
At RAYA ENTERPRISE LTD., we offer a wide range of air sand blasters known for their durability and reliability. Our tools are built to withstand heavy use and provide consistent performance, ensuring long-lasting operation. Whether you're working on small or large-scale projects, our air sand blasters are designed to meet your needs and deliver exceptional results every time.

Customizable OEM and ODM Solutions to Meet Your Requirements
In addition to our high-quality air sand blasters, we also provide customized OEM and ODM solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our experienced team can collaborate with you to develop innovative and unique cleaning tools that meet your exact needs. With our comprehensive OEM and ODM capabilities, we ensure that you receive the perfect cleaning solution for your business.

  1 set
  2.5/3.5 kgs
  1.8 cuft