Choose the Best Air Riveter for Precise and Efficient Manufacturing


1/4" DR. AIR HYDRAULIC RIVETER_2.4~6.4mm capacity


* lightweight and well balanced for operator comfort

* comfortable trigger operation

* easy hydraulic oil refill with top screw plug

* 250º swivel air inlet for enhanced maneuverability

* stroke length: 18 mm
* traction power: 580 kg/m²
* aluminum & steel: 2.4 ~ 6.4 mm (dia.)
* steel & steel: 2.4 ~ 6.4 mm (dia.)
* stainless steel & steel: 2.4 ~ 6.4 mm (dia.)
* stainless steel & stainless steel: 2.4 ~ 4.8 mm (dia.)

Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency with Our Air Riveters
Our air riveters are designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency, allowing you to complete riveting tasks quickly and accurately. With their ergonomic design and powerful performance, these tools ensure smooth and precise operations, saving you time and effort. Whether you're working on assembly lines or construction projects, our air riveters are the perfect choice for increased productivity and outstanding results.

Durable and Reliable Air Riveters for Industrial Applications
Our durable and reliable air riveters are specifically engineered for industrial applications. Built to withstand demanding environments, these tools offer exceptional performance and longevity. With their robust construction and advanced features, such as adjustable pressure settings and easy maintenance, our air riveters provide the reliability and durability required for continuous use in heavy-duty manufacturing operations. Trust our tools to deliver consistent and reliable results, ensuring your production processes run smoothly.

Customizable Air Riveters for OEM and ODM Solutions
We understand that every manufacturing requirement is unique. That's why we offer customizable air riveters as part of our OEM and ODM solutions. Our team of experts can work closely with you to develop tailored riveting tools that meet your specific needs and specifications. From custom designs to branding options, we provide comprehensive solutions that align with your manufacturing processes. Trust our expertise and experience in delivering high-quality, customized air riveters for your business.

  2 pcs
  4.5/5 kgs
  1.1 cuft