Experience Efficient and Precise Work with our Air Hammer


ANTI VIBRATION MEDIUM AIR HAMMER_round shank_71 mm stroke


* 70º handle grip designed for user's comfort.

* Lightweight robust aluminium alloy casing

* Patented design vibration damping valve

* High power to weight ratio

* chisel shank: (R) 10.2 mm
* free speed: 3,000 bpm
* stroke length: 71 mm
* exhaust: side system
* net weight: 1.6 kg

Versatile and Durable Air Hammer for Various Applications
Our air hammer is designed to be versatile and durable, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to break through concrete, remove rusted parts, or shape metal, our air hammer delivers the power and precision you need. With adjustable impact settings and ergonomic design, it provides comfortable handling and optimal control. Built to withstand heavy-duty use, our air hammer is a reliable tool that ensures efficiency and productivity in your work.

Enhanced Efficiency with our High-Performance Air Hammer
Boost your productivity and efficiency with our high-performance air hammer. Engineered with advanced technology, it delivers consistent and powerful blows for fast and effective results. The ergonomic grip reduces user fatigue, allowing for extended use without sacrificing comfort. Whether you're working on construction projects, automotive repairs, or metal fabrication, our air hammer will exceed your expectations. Experience the difference it makes in your work efficiency and achieve outstanding outcomes.

Customized Solutions with Our Air Hammer - OEM and ODM Available
We not only provide a high-quality air hammer but also offer customized OEM and ODM solutions. Our team of experts can collaborate with you to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need personalized branding, unique features, or specialized functionality, our OEM and ODM services can turn your vision into reality. Partner with us and benefit from our expertise in delivering customized air hammer solutions for your business.

  10 pcs
  17/19 kgs
  1.6 cuft