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LONG HAMMER KIT_hex shank_90 mm stroke
LONG HAMMER KIT_hex shank_90 mm stroke

LONG HAMMER KIT_hex shank_90 mm stroke


* durable design with enhanced durability.

* alloy steel cylinder and heat treated piston for extended lifespan.

* easy maintenance with convenient throttle valve assembly.

* versatile design for a wide range of applications.

* chisel shank: (H) 11 mm
* free speed: 2,100 bpm
* stroke length: 90 mm
* exhaust: front system
* net weight: 2.0 kg
* 4pcs chisels x 250 mmL
* 1pc nipple

Maximize Your Impact with our Air Hammer
Our high-quality air hammer is the perfect tool to maximize your impact. Designed for powerful performance, it delivers precise and efficient results on various materials. With its versatile applications and robust construction, our air hammer is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Experience the difference in your work with our reliable and powerful air hammer.

Versatile Applications and Superior Control with our Air Hammer
Our air hammer offers versatile applications and superior control for a wide range of tasks. Whether you need to remove rust, break through concrete, or shape metal, our air hammer provides the power and precision you require. With adjustable settings and ergonomic design, it ensures comfortable handling and optimal control. Elevate your work efficiency with our advanced air hammer.

Customized Solutions for Your Hammering Needs
We not only offer high-quality air hammers but also provide customized OEM and ODM solutions to meet your specific hammering requirements. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your needs and develop tailored solutions that align with your goals. From designing specialized hammering equipment to incorporating unique features, we ensure that our products meet your exact specifications. Trust us to deliver comprehensive and reliable solutions for all your hammering needs, including our customized OEM and ODM options.

  5 sets
  24/25 kgs
  1.5 cuft