Enhance Your Work with Reliable Air Drills for Precision and Efficiency




* composite series

* reversible

* variable speed

* improved muffler for low noise sound

* mechanism: planet gear
* chuck capacity: 10 mm (dia.)
* free speed: 2,200 rpm
* exhaust: handle system
* net weight: 0.97 kg

Experience Unmatched Performance with Our Air Drills
Our air drills are engineered to deliver unmatched performance in various applications. With cutting-edge technology and ergonomic designs, our tools ensure precise drilling and increased productivity. Whether you need to drill through metal, wood, or other materials, our air drills provide the power and accuracy you require. Choose our air drills for exceptional results every time.

Durable and Versatile Air Drills for Every Task
Our durable and versatile air drills are suitable for a wide range of tasks in different industries. From construction and manufacturing to automotive and woodworking, our drills are built to withstand demanding environments. With adjustable speed settings and ergonomic grips, our tools offer optimal control and comfort. Trust our air drills to handle your toughest projects with ease.

Customizable OEM and ODM Solutions for Your Specific Needs
In addition to our high-quality air drills, we also provide customized OEM and ODM solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team can collaborate with you to design and manufacture air drills tailored to your needs. Whether you need specialized features, branding, or packaging, we can deliver a personalized solution that aligns with your brand and enhances your product offering. Partner with us for reliable and efficient OEM and ODM services.

  10 pcs
  11/12 kgs
  1.2 cuft