Enhance Your Workbench with High-Quality Steel Bench Vises



SV-65001A / SV-65002A

* 360 degree rotating base

* made of FC25 cast iron

* can be directly fixed to the tabletop

Model No. Jaw Width (mm)  Jaw Deep (mm)
SV-65001A 50 65
SV-65002A 63 65

Secure and Sturdy Steel Bench Vises for Precision Work
Our steel bench vises are engineered to provide secure and stable clamping for precise and accurate work. With their durable construction and robust grip, you can confidently hold and manipulate your materials, ensuring precise cuts, drilling, and shaping. Whether you're working with wood, metal, or other materials, our steel bench vises offer the reliability and strength you need for your projects.

Versatile Steel Bench Vises for Various Applications
Our versatile steel bench vises are suitable for a wide range of applications, from woodworking and metalworking to jewelry making and electronics. With adjustable jaws and swivel bases, our vises provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to position your workpiece at the optimal angle. Trust our steel bench vises to provide the grip and stability required for your diverse projects.

Customizable Steel Bench Vises Tailored to Your Needs
In addition to our standard steel bench vises, we offer customizable OEM and ODM solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need specialized features, branding, or design modifications, our experienced team can work with you to create the perfect bench vise for your business or personal use. Trust our expertise in delivering customized solutions that enhance your workflow. Contact us today to discuss your customization needs and experience the benefits of our tailored steel bench vises.


  6 pcs
  15.6/16.6 kgs
1.02 cuft

  4 pcs
  16/17 kgs
0.94 cuft