Secure Your Work with a Durable Steel Bench Vise for Precision.


GENTLE VISE JAW_75mm ~ 200mm

6200075 ~ 6200200

Model No. Jaw Width (mm)  Available Model
6200075 75 SV-64001A / SV-64002A
SV-65001A / SV-65002A
6200100 100 SV-62004A / SV-63004A
6200125 125 SV-62005A / SV-63005A
6200150 150 SV-62006S / SV-63006A
6200200 200 SV-62008A / SV-63007A

Reliable and Sturdy Steel Bench Vises
Our steel bench vises are built to be reliable and sturdy, ensuring secure workholding in various applications. Crafted from high-quality steel, our vises offer exceptional strength and durability. With precise engineering and smooth operation, our steel bench vises provide the stability you need for your projects. Trust RAYA ENTERPRISE LTD. for top-quality steel bench vises that deliver reliability and performance.

Versatile Workholding with Steel Bench Vises
No matter the task at hand, our versatile steel bench vises offer reliable workholding solutions. From woodworking to metalworking, our vises provide a secure grip and precise control. With adjustable jaws and robust construction, our steel bench vises accommodate various workpiece sizes and deliver consistent performance. Choose RAYA ENTERPRISE LTD. for versatile and high-quality steel bench vises that enhance your work efficiency.

Customized Solutions for Your Workholding Needs
We understand that every customer has unique workholding requirements. That's why we offer customized OEM and ODM solutions for steel bench vises. Whether you need specific jaw configurations, specialized features, or custom designs, our team is dedicated to providing you with the perfect workholding solution. Trust us to deliver high-quality, customized steel bench vises that not only meet your expectations but also offer enhanced functionality.