Stay Organized and Protected with Our EVA Foam Set




* EVA foam+color box packed

Part No. Contents
0438100 flank socket x 10 mm
0438110 flank socket x 11 mm
0438120 flank socket x 12 mm
0438130 flank socket x 13 mm
0438140 flank socket x 14 mm
0438150 flank socket x 15 mm
0438160 flank socket x 16 mm
0438170 flank socket x 17 mm
0438180 flank socket x 18 mm
0438190 flank socket x 19 mm
0438200 flank socket x 20 mm
0438210 flank socket x 21 mm
0438220 flank socket x 22 mm
0438240 flank socket x 24 mm
0442270 flank socket x 27 mm
0445300 flank socket x 30 mm
0445320 flank socket x 32 mm
0477100 deep socket x 10 mm
0477110 deep socket x 11 mm
0477120 deep socket x 12 mm
0477130 deep socket x 13 mm
0477140 deep socket x 14 mm
0477150 deep socket x 15 mm
0477160 deep socket x 16 mm
0477170 deep socket x 17 mm
0477180 deep socket x 18 mm
0477190 deep socket x 19 mm
0477210 deep socket x 21 mm
0477220 deep socket x 22 mm
0477240 deep socket x 24 mm
6504250 extension bar x 250 mmL
7004004 universal joint
6803004 adaptor: 3/8"(F) x 1/2"(M)
RH-F87445 1/2" dr. ratchet handle

Efficient Organization with Set in EVA Foam
Our Set in EVA Foam offers a practical solution for organizing your tools. Each tool is securely nestled in its designated foam slot, ensuring easy identification and quick access. With this set, you can say goodbye to the hassle of searching for misplaced tools and enjoy efficient organization that saves you time and effort. Keep your workspace tidy and your tools within reach with our Set in EVA Foam.

Superior Protection for Your Tools
Experience superior protection for your valuable tools with our Set in EVA Foam. The foam material absorbs shocks and impacts, safeguarding your tools from damage during storage or transportation. Each tool slot is precisely cut to fit the shape and size of your tools, providing a snug and secure fit. Whether you are a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, our Set in EVA Foam ensures that your tools remain in excellent condition, ready for use whenever you need them.

Customized Solutions for Your Tool Organization
In addition to our standard Set in EVA Foam, we also offer customized OEM and ODM solutions to meet your specific tool organization needs. Whether you require a specific foam layout, additional compartments, or branding options, our dedicated team can collaborate with you to develop a tailor-made Set in EVA Foam. Trust us to provide high-quality and personalized solutions that not only protect and organize your tools but also enhance your overall efficiency. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that our Set in EVA Foam becomes an indispensable tool in your workspace, optimizing your productivity and convenience.