Keep Your Tools Safe and Organized with EVA Foam Sets




* EVA foam+color box packed

Part No. Contents
0328060 flank socket x 6 mm
0328070 flank socket x 7 mm
0328080 flank socket x 8 mm
0328090 flank socket x 9 mm
0328100 flank socket x 10 mm
0328110 flank socket x 11 mm
0328120 flank socket x 12 mm
0328130 flank socket x 13 mm
0328140 flank socket x 14 mm
0328150 flank socket x 15 mm
0328160 flank socket x 16 mm
0330170 flank socket x 17 mm
0330180 flank socket x 18 mm
0330190 flank socket x 19 mm
0330200 flank socket x 20 mm
0332210 flank socket x 21 mm
0332220 flank socket x 22 mm
0363080 deep socket x 8 mm
0363090 deep socket x 9 mm
0363100 deep socket x 10 mm
0363110 deep socket x 11 mm
0363120 deep socket x 12 mm
0363130 deep socket x 13 mm
0363140 deep socket x 14 mm
0363150 deep socket x 15 mm
0363160 deep socket x 16 mm
0363170 deep socket x 17 mm
0363180 deep socket x 18 mm
0363190 deep socket x 19 mm
6503075 extension bar x 75 mmL
6503150 extension bar x 150 mmL
7003003 universal joint
6804003 adaptor: 1/2"(F) x 3/8"(M)
RH-F87345 3/8" dr. ratchet handle

Secure and Durable Set in EVA Foam
Our Set in EVA Foams offer a secure and durable solution for storing and transporting your tools. The custom-cut foam inserts provide a snug fit for each tool, preventing movement and reducing the risk of damage. The high-density EVA foam is resistant to impacts, water, and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting protection. With our EVA foam tool sets, you can trust that your tools will remain secure and in excellent condition.

Easy Access and Efficient Organization with Set in EVA Foams
Experience the convenience of easy access and efficient organization with our Set in EVA Foams. The precise foam cutouts allow for quick identification and retrieval of each tool, saving you valuable time during your work. The organized layout ensures that every tool has its designated place, reducing clutter and minimizing the risk of misplacement. Our Set in EVA Foams streamline your workflow, making your tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Customizable Solutions and OEM/ODM Capabilities
We offer customizable solutions and OEM/ODM capabilities for our Set in EVA Foam. We understand that every professional has unique tool requirements, which is why we provide tailored options to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team can collaborate with you to create custom foam inserts, branding, and packaging, ensuring that your Set in EVA Foam align with your brand and vision. With our commitment to customization, we go beyond standard solutions to deliver exceptional products that cater to your individual requirements.