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* EVA foam+metal box packed

Part No. Contents
0225040 frank socket x 4 mm
0225050 frank socket x 5 mm
0225060 frank socket x 6mm
0225070 frank socket x 7 mm
0225080 frank socket x 8 mm
0225090 frank socket x 9 mm
0225100 frank socket x 10 mm
0225110 frank socket x 11 mm
0225120 frank socket x 12 mm
0225130 frank socket x 13 mm
0225140 frank socket x 14 mm
0250040 deep socket x 4 mm
0250050 deep socket x 5 mm
0250060 deep socket x 6 mm
0250070 deep socket x 7 mm
0250080 deep socket x 8 mm
0250090 deep socket x 9 mm
0250100 deep socket x 10 mm
0250110 deep socket x 11 mm
0250120 deep socket x 12 mm
0250130 deep socket x 13 mm
0250140 deep socket x 14 mm
6502050 extension bar x 50 mmL
6502150 extension bar x 150 mmL
7002002 universal joint
6702110 sliding T-handle x 110 mmL
7820SH spinner
RH-F87245 1/4" dr. ratchet handle

Enhance Your Products with Set in EVA Foam
 Elevate your products with Set in EVA Foam, a superior material that combines durability and flexibility. Our foam solutions are meticulously designed to meet your specific requirements, providing unmatched protection, cushioning, and aesthetic appeal. Experience the difference in performance and quality with Set in EVA Foam.

Customize with Set in EVA Foam for Unmatched Performance
Tailor-made to your specifications, Set in EVA Foam offers limitless customization possibilities. Whether you need precise shapes, intricate patterns, or unique textures, our foam solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your products. With our advanced manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail, we ensure that every component meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Partner with Set in EVA Foam for OEM and ODM Solutions
Set in EVA Foam goes beyond standard offerings by providing comprehensive OEM and ODM solutions. Collaborate with our experienced team to bring your ideas to life, from concept development to final production. Our commitment to innovation and customization allows us to deliver tailored foam solutions that perfectly align with your brand and requirements. Experience the power of personalized manufacturing with Set in EVA Foam.


  6 sets
  17/18 kgs
  1.24 cuft