Enhance Your Efficiency with a Portable Tool Kit




* blow case packed

Part No. Contents
0225040   flank socket x 4 mm
0225050   flank socket x 5 mm
0225060   flank socket x 6 mm
0225070   flank socket x 7 mm
0225080   flank socket x 8 mm
0225090   flank socket x 9 mm
0225100   flank socket x 10 mm
0225110   flank socket x 11 mm
0225120   flank socket x 12 mm
0225130   flank socket x 13 mm
0225140   flank socket x 14 mm
3903037   socket bit: H3 x 37 mmL
3904037   socket bit: H4 x 37 mmL 
3905037   socket bit: H5 x 37 mmL 
3906037   socket bit: H6 x 37 mmL 
4300237   socket bit: PH2 x 37 mmL
3805537   socket bit: (-) 55 x 37 mmL
4502037   socket bit: T20 x 37 mmL
4502537   socket bit: T25 x 37 mmL
4502737   socket bit: T27 x 37 mmL
4503037   socket bit: T30 x 37 mmL
7820SH   spinner
6502050   extension bar x 50 mmL 
6502150   extension bar x 150 mmL
6702110   sliding T-handle x 110 mmL
7002002   universal joint
RH-A83272   1/4" dr. ratchet handle

Stay Prepared Anywhere with a Portable Tool Kit
Be ready for any task, anytime, and anywhere with our comprehensive portable tool kit. Compact and lightweight, our tool kits contain all the essential tools you need to tackle various projects on the go. Whether you're working on repairs, installations, or maintenance, our portable tool kits provide convenience and reliability, ensuring you're always prepared for the job at hand.

Versatile Solutions for Every Project - Portable Tool Kit
Our portable tool kits offer versatile solutions for a wide range of projects. From simple repairs to complex installations, our tool kits are designed to handle various tasks with ease. With a selection of high-quality tools and accessories, you can trust in the performance and durability of our portable tool kits. Experience the convenience and efficiency of having all the essential tools in one portable package.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs - Portable Tool Kit
In addition to our standard portable tool kits, we also provide customized OEM and ODM solutions. We understand that different projects and industries have unique requirements, and our team of experts is dedicated to delivering tailored tool kits that meet your specific needs. With our customizable options, you can create a portable tool kit that includes the tools and accessories essential to your line of work. Partner with us to experience the convenience and efficiency of a portable tool kit designed specifically for you.


  10 sets
  12.4/13.4 kgs
  1.18 cuft